Mpa High Pressure

High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI

High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI

High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI    High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI
High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI. Do you have to refill your air tanks when you're halfway through them? Then you mustn't miss our 1.8kw, 130L/min air pump! With our high-pressure air pump, you can have all your air compress needs met for industries and outdoors. There is an air pressure display meter on this air compressor, you can have a clear view of your air pressure with it. The outlet volume of this air compressor is 130L/min, you can quickly fill your tanks or other things with this air compressor. This pump is driven by a copper motor, it has a long service life and doesn't malfunction easily. It is more reliable than other kinds of motors. The cylinder head of this compressor is made of aluminum, it is sturdy and well concealed. The aluminum cylinder head improves the safety of this machine. After many tests, we found that it takes about 3 minutes for 0.5l cylinder to charge 30mpa, about 6 minutes for 1l cylinder to charge 30mpa, and about 40 minutes to charge 30mpa for 6.8l cylinder. The machine can be turned on by pressing the bottom on the top of the compressor. It is convenient to operate. The oil-water separator of this machine can greatly improve the efficiency of the air compressor. The oil-water separator separates oil and water within the compressed air, you can have a safer air compressing.

The cooling mode of this compressor adopts both air cooling and water cooling, they are more efficient ways of cooling. There are four shock absorbing feet on this air compressor. This air compressor is convenient to use with them.

This air compressor is equipped with a cooling fan, it reduces high temperature and improves the performance of this air compressor. The cooling fan also improves the life span of this air compressor. There is a handle on the top of this air compressor, you can carry it conveniently. The machine is not too heavy either17kg/. , it can be carried by one person. The net cover of the cooling fan is made of stainless steel, it has a good heat dissipation effect and lasts long. The shell of this compressor is made of steel, which is sturdy and durable. It lasts long and the machine works better. This machine is suitable for fire protection, color bomb, leak detection, pressure test, automobile, airtightness test, etc. As long as high pressure can be applied, it can be used. Package Size: 49 x 28.5 x 43cm. Motor Speed: 2800r / Min.

Model: Enhanced Version + External Oil-Water Separator. Cooling Mode: Water Cooling + Air Cooling. Motor Material: All Copper Coil.

Cylinder Head Material: Cast Aluminum. Connector Type: 8mm Quick Connect Female. This product comes with an English manual, you can refer to it and install the machine.

If you have any problems, please reach to us, we will provide solutions as soon as we can. 1x Set of 30Mpa High-Pressure Air Pump. This high-pressure air pump uses piston type air compressor oil. (The machine has no oil because it is not allowed to carry oil during transportation).

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High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI    High Pressure Air Pump Compressor Pump 30MPA 4500PSI